It's a process that needs time, experience and a deliberate approach.

The First Crack in the roasting process is a sound that indicates the emergence of the basic characteristics of the coffee. However, it takes more time and higher temperatures to develop the full qualities of the coffee. That’s the Second Crack.

We guide leaders on their journey towards Second Crack: developing the essence of who they are and how to be their best. Blending experience and science, we co-create executive coaching and leadership development programs with our clients.

Leadership Development - Second Crack
What we offer
Executive Coaching

Providing you with a trusted confidant and the safe space that you need to gain new insights, perspectives, and clarity on what matters most.

Using a coaching approach based in applied neuroscience, we explore how you can create the conditions in which people can be their best.

Leadership Development Programs

Integrating individual leadership qualities within the context of your business situation and the organisational culture.

Focused on on-the-job application, with regular live modules supported by asynchronous activities, spanning over three to twelve months.

Leadership Team Workshops

Short-term interventions of one to three days for leadership teams, with a focus on building common ground around purpose, culture, and leadership.

Typical focus is on identifying new growth opportunities, accelerating transformation, or nurture better relationships.

Second Crack
The Leadership Podcast
About us
Executive Coach Gerrit Pelzer
Gerrit Pelzer

At the heart of my work is an understanding of the human being in organisations and how the human brain and mind work. I help leaders be their best “self” more often, using an approach founded in applied neuroscience in combination with Asian wisdom.

Leadership Consultant Martin Aldergard
Martin Aldergard

I’m curious how leaders can better help their teams to learn and transform together. Over the years, I’ve come to understand the importance of emotions and how they impact how we can help make change happen.